Chairman Message

Like people and nations, an organization may best be known by its history. Shiblee College of Commerce was established with the objective of providing quality education and training in the field of commerce. Shiblee College is one of the civic colleges. It is widely recognized for high academic achievement and has a long established international reputation for research and training.


An exciting choice of courses is an offer ranging from traditional subject areas. As a result SGC is able to offer a broad range of opportunities including courses that reflect the needs and wants of prospective employers. Our college offers a range of educational opportunities spanning the diverse rang of professions. It offers students and graduate, entry into a vitally important range of professions that will prove stimulating and offer ample opportunity for career development.


The pioneering spirit and steadfastness of the founders of SGC is reflected in its richly earned traditions of excellent and unending service of the huge success. Since its inception in 1988, it has gradually grown in size and has accommodated a large number of students giving them a sense of direction in a world that lacks direction.


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