Disciplinary rule
The students are required to comply with the protectoral rules notified by the college, the BISE and University Authorities, Breach of the following instructions shall render the defaulters liable to strict disciplinary action.

1. Students should show due respect to teaching and other staff.

2. Students are required to observe all the rules and regulations of the college introduced from time to time. They are also warned that any violation can be lead to suspension from the college.

3. Students are forbidden to address any higher authority. Any communication intended for any higher authority must be submitted through the principal how will forward if he considers it necessary.

4. If a student violates any rule of the college, the principal may penalize him/her as he/she deems whether he/she is to be fined, expelled or apologized.

5. If a student found involved in undesirable activities he may be expired from the college.

6. All applications to the principal for character certificate and other certificates will be submitted through the college office.

7. Class attendance rules must be strictly observed a student must have a minimum of 80% attendance in the session.

8. Fine and penalties shall be imposed for all kinds of irregularities.

9. Migration facility is as per board and university rules.

10. The decision of the principal shall in all cases be final and he/she has discretionary power to relax any rule, if he deems necessary.

11. Fee once deposited is not refunded.

12. All the students are directed to deposit dues before the notified dates. A fine will be imposed on any delayed payment.

Note: Mobile Phones are not allowed to carry, if once found will be confiscated, and not returned at any cost.

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