Commerce, Girls Campus (Gulberg)

“An Educational Institution is a building with four walls around and a bright future inside.” It goes beyond any shade of doubt that SCCW Gulberg Campus has leapt into immense fame ever since its establishment. 21st Century is an age of fact-collectors. The prime and principal purpose of the existence of Shiblee College is to disseminate secular as well as spiritual education to those teeming millions who are stuck up in the quagmire of ignorance. The college is quite committed since 1997 in preparing such ladies as are broad-minded, confident, talented, assiduous, workaholic and accommodating to carve a place of honour ,eminence and glory for themselves for their parents and their country. The college has been playing its cherished and coveted role of catering to the academic needs of the students who want to be cared for, taught and trained in the most congenial and disciplined atmosphere.
SCCW Gulberg Campus, by the grace of Allah, is a top-notch institute in the educational arena of the city. It is putting up commendable efforts for those who want to embark on educational brand wagon. The campus is situated just at a short distance from the University of Agriculture. The elegant facade of the building leads to its serene and peaceful inside. College library is spacious and packed with hundreds of valuable volumes. Computer and Science labs are fully air conditioned and equipped with latest paraphernalia. The IT department has been working assiduously with the latest network comprising modern hardware and software. Our college claims to have highly qualified and seasoned teaching staff fully aware of the challenging technicalities. Audio video system of teaching with overhead projectors is a salient feature of this institute.