Science, Girls Campus (Madina Town)

It is impossible to think of institution building and social progress without a clear vision which comes through innovative ideas. Great ideas are given by the intellectuals who are the product of great educational institutions. SCW is one of such institutions, the producers of people of great ideas. SCW stands towering among comparable institutions in providing an education of a high class at intermediate & higher levels offering its students opportunities for over all development in a disciplined and peaceful environment. We are committed to make ideals of liberal education, valuing knowledge and learning for its own sake as well as for the cultural, social and economic benefits it offers. We focus increasingly on learner centered approach to education and the fostering of research activities. Our plans embrace three additional strategic directions, institutional collaboration, international linkages and open learning that increases flexibility and interaction and extend the colleges reach.
Education is generally thought of as including every thing that shapes the human personality, so curriculum ractivities are always an integral part of education. They help in molding the character of the students. SCW regularly arranges programs for the healthy development of mind and body other than the regular studies. SCW library provides its as conduction not only to academic but also change, we manage cleanliness climatic, prompt accessibility as well as healthy air conditioning. Hostel & transport facility is provided for the ease and comfort of the students.
A beautiful building is constructed to accommodate approximately 200 students. Hostel rooms are spacious and made for comfortable living. SCW provides pick and drop services to facilitate the students. Our achievements assert the authenticity of quality education we impart.